CNC multi-spindle machines:

Multiply quantities quickly

More productivity, less space and energy

SW has been the productivity partner for medium and large series production for decades with our CNC multi-spindle machines. Numerous TIER1 and TIER2 suppliers and other users rely on our machines for the economical and high-precision production of a wide variety of components. The 4-axis and 5-axis machining of up to four complex workpieces in parallel multiplies the machined quantities with minimum effort. Four-spindle machines, for example, shorten cycle times by up to 60 percent compared to four single-spindle machines. They do so on 70 percent less floor space, and with only half the amount of energy. In this way, you contribute to climate protection by significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

Experience with highest precision CNC multi-spindle machines

SW is the pioneer of four-spindle CNC machining centers, having launched the first four-spindle TETRA MILL series back in the 1980s. These multi-spindle machines have been in use for decades. Parallel machining of several workpieces in a multi-spindle machine has special requirements, since the operations of the spindles must not affect each other. With the patented monoblock and the box-in-box 3-axis unit, the multi-spindle machines structurally eliminate disturbance variables due to the parallel operations in daily use. The 2-, 3- and 4-spindle CNC multi-spindle machines from SW produce the same precision and surface quality as single-spindle machines, but much more efficiently and economically.

Machining in parallel with loading and unloading

In series production, every second saved in a cycle time counts because it determines the cost per part. Therefore, it is simply uneconomical to open the door of the machine after machining has been completed, remove the machined parts, and load new ones. Users load and unload multi-spindle machines from SW in parallel with machining using a double swivel carrier. While the tool is cutting in the machine’s work area, your operators are already loading the next workpieces on the opposite side. Numerous customers use swivel carriers and fixtures with four sides and up to 16 clamped workpieces for their multi-spindle machines. It is these advantages that further increase output in practice.

CNC multi-spindle machines are perfectly suited for any material

The CNC multi-spindle machining centers from SW machine workpieces made of steel and cast iron just as efficiently as those made of aluminum, titanium, alloys, and other materials. For non-ferrous metals, CNC multi-spindle machines with linear drive technology and high spindle speeds set the standard as the fastest machines on the market. The linear motors accelerate highly dynamically, reducing unproductive downtime. In automotive engineering in particular, lightweight components reduce fuel consumption in combustion engines and increase the range in e-mobility.

In series production, efficient automation is a key to higher productivity. We have the experience and the optimal solutions for the automation of multi-spindle machines of all series. With powerful CNC, modular expandable magazines for up to 280 tools, workpiece storage, and a loading unit with integrated robot, you can upgrade your machining center to a self-sufficient production cell that automates complex machining tasks. With a gantry axis above the machines, we link the machining centers and peripheral stations to form a highly efficient production line with all peripheral equipment, from image processing to deburring and washing. The 7-axis robots load and unload the machining center from above with raw or pre-machined parts. This allows operators to monitor the workspace at any time. Another advantage is that you do not need protective fences.

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