Chip to chip: Achieving the highest precision

Machine tools are the workhorses of numerous sectors of the manufacturing industry. They machine raw parts made of metal, ceramics and other materials to an accuracy of a thousandth of a millimeter. In CNC milling machines, the workpieces are firmly clamped and rotating tools perform machining operations such as drilling, milling, spindling or broaching. SW CNC machining centers combine all processes for the complete machining of workpieces. And, when possible, this is done in one clamping position.

Enough tools for
complete families of parts

The modularly expandable tool magazines of SW’s CNC machining centers provide up to 280 tools for a wide variety of tasks. Once loaded, they cover all processes, even for families of parts. With proven machine and technology options, SW equips your CNC machining centers to always achieve maximum performance.

Universally applicable standards

Numerous components and assemblies across industries require machine tools to be manufactured economically and with the required levels of precision. SW machines have applications in the automotive, e-mobility, construction and agricultural machinery, medical technology, and watch industries, among others. SW CNC machining centers are used to manufacture, for example:

| Steering knuckle
| Battery trays and structural components
| Gearbox housing and covers
| Master brake cylinder
| Impeller and turbocharger housings
| Medical implants such as knee and hip joints
| Hydraulic components
| Stator housings and covers
| Inverter housings
| Watch cases

The variety of different workpieces shows the universality of SW machine tools. The advantage is that we combine these properties into customized production solutions with the help of our machine and technology options.

Individual all-around solutions

Our portfolio includes numerous production solutions for the complete machining of components of different sizes and different materials. The basis of the machine tools with CNC programming is high-quality individual components for the machining production of workpieces made of steel, cast iron or non-ferrous metals. For these materials, we have designed modular machining centers that meet a wide range of requirements.
The advantage: our modular system of standardized machines and technology options meet your individual requirements with field-proven solutions.

We clarify your individual requirements and use them to tailor customized solutions as early as the project planning stage by asking questions like:
|How big is your workpiece, and what material is it made of?
|What operations are provided, and to what accuracy?
|What surface finish requirements do you specify?
|Is traceability specified?
|Which quantities are to be produced on which surface?

Particularly in the areas of tools, manufacturing technology and clamping fixtures, we have comprehensive know-how and extensive expertise as a leading global machine tool manufacturer.

Together, we define the optimal machining sequence as well as the appropriate tools and program the CNC control. We optimize cycle times and provide the optimum fixtures. We take over the automation of single machines, independent cells, and complete production lines. In short, we ensure that you achieve the highest productivity and lowest unit costs.

We help you to meet the core requirement of your customers with our machine tools, which are high-quality and can effortlessly reproduce results. Our sensors detect the tool center point with micrometer precision at all times and the SW CNC control positions the highly rigid feed axes exactly according to the specifications. CNC machining centers from SW always produce the highest quality, transparently documented, and traceable parts.

Learn more about our machining centers and broad product portfolio, or contact our Technology People directly with any questions.