CNC machining centers: Precision all around

CNC machining centers from SW are perfectly suited for the machining of a diverse range of components. The machining center produces complex geometries for components made of steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, and many other materials. Up to 280 tools in the magazine of the machining center take over complete machining by CNC with a wide variety of operations on the workpieces. The operations include CNC milling, drilling, threading, and interpolation turning. CNC machining with the fourth axis and fifth axis enables, for example, the free-surface milling of aluminum blanks into compressor wheels for turbochargers or the production of complex components for wheel suspension.

CNC-Bearbeitungszentren von SW Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinen

CNC machining centers customized to your requirements

Our modular machine concept allows us to adapt each CNC machining center to your specific and individual requirements. We scale the number of axes and the size of the installation space. With horizontal machining, the chips fall vertically, directly into the chip conveyor. For each machining center, we utilize a modular system with numerous, mostly standardized, machine options. For us, machines and process technology with individual clamping devices and optimal tools form a unit so that you are successful right from the start. We adapt each machining center to your process flows and undertake the programming of the CNC for your workpieces.

The right machine for every material

In a machining center for heavy-duty cutting, the Technology People utilize high-rigidity ball screws and linear guides in the feed axes for powerful operations in the machining center. Glass scales and integrated path measuring systems record the exact positions to the micrometer at any time, and the CNC control regulates the high-precision movements.

In light metal machining, you can achieve the fastest machining on the market with a CNC machining center from SW thanks to wear-free linear motors in the X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis. The CNC machining center also achieves machining in the fourth axis and fifth axis. Torque motors position these axes highly dynamically. The result is high-precision machining with the shortest cycle times. Another advantage of the additional axis is that even complex geometries can often be completely machined in a single setup. This saves the effort of a second clamping position, and you utilize your CNC machining center optimally.

Maschinenteile der Bearbeitungszentren von SW Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinen

Intelligent CNC control with connection to your systems

All movements of a CNC machining center from SW are regulated by a modern control system via CNC with the highest precision. The controller integrates with your MES and ERP systems with open interfaces and protocols. For daily practice, it’s important to note that each machining center follows the same operating philosophy for the control. This reduces the amount of training required and helps you to quickly unlock maximum performance.

Automation solutions for highest output

It’s becoming increasingly common for customers to order their CNC machining center with integrated automation or automation solutions for the interlinking of machines. Our automation solutions include a wide range of standard robots and vertical storage towers for workpieces, as well as a 7-axis robotic gantry axis for interlinking CNC machines. From our standard solutions, we tailor your automation to the conception, simulation, and commissioning of complete production lines.

We accompany you throughout the entire life cycle of your SW machining center with our physical and digital life services. We begin with the commissioning of the CNC machining center and the training of your employees on the control and the functionalities of the CNC. We offer quick help through our service hotline, field service, and spare parts supply. We also assist in the transition to using data-based services for higher availability and continuous process improvement. Through upgrades, overhauls, and modernization, we extend the life cycle of your machining center economically so that you will continue to work with state-of-the-art controls and drives in the future.

Learn more about our machining centers and broad product portfolio, or contact our Technology People directly with any questions.