Hydrogen and fuel cells:
Preparing for the future

SW offers manufacturing solutions for commercial vehicles, mobile machinery, locomotives, and ocean-going vessels. Decarbonizing heavy vehicles on land and sea requires more energy than battery technology can provide in the foreseeable future. These types of vehicles have to cover long distances without electric charging stations and are expected to work productively for many hours. That’s why most experts believe the fuel cell, which runs CO2-free on hydrogen or alternative gases such as methanol, has a bright future. Numerous initiatives are working intensively on scaling this climate-neutral technology up to economical series production – and SW is among them.

Although it may still take a few years for the shift to be complete, it is already foreseeable that manufacturing solutions from SW are poised to make an important contribution. This contribution involves, for example, components for auxiliary units such as the power control, the “balance-of-plant”. It requires components that are already being mass-produced on SW machining centers: High-precision manufactured scroll and centrifugal compressors.

But SW Automation can also offer customized assembly solutions with robots and material flow systems for the assembly of the actual fuel cells: For stack assembly as well as for system assembly.

Let’s shape the emission-free future of heavy vehicles together and help the fuel cell achieve an industrial breakthrough.