Single-spindle SW CNC machining centers:
Highest precision and flexibility

With single-spindle CNC machining centers from SW, you can achieve high precision in machining and extreme flexibility in your production. The machines come with everything needed to realize this. The patented monoblock and the box-in-box 3-axis unit ensure optimum force flow and perfect surface quality. With 4- and 5-axis machining, you can often complete complex geometries in just one setup. This saves time, allowing you to work through small and medium series productions quickly and accurately.

All materials and large working spaces

On our single-spindle CNC machining centers, you can machine raw parts made of steel and cast iron, as well as aluminum, titanium, and alloys. These machines also feature extra-large workspaces, allowing you to machine large workpieces with high precision. This is particularly interesting for machining large structural components such as battery trays for electric vehicles.

Single-spindle CNC machining centers are the perfect complement to production lines

Our single-spindle machines are ideally suited to complement already installed production lines and multi-spindle machines. They can, for example, they take over special processes or variant production. SW single-spindle machines follow the same operating philosophy as the multi-spindle machines, which reduces the amount of training required and the variance in maintenance. Additionally, their use reduces the number of variants in spare parts inventory.

Using SW single-spindle machines means a fast commissioning process and a consistent solution. We connect the new machine tool to the existing automation and transfer any existing CNC programs from the other SW machines. And networking is straightforward because SW’s single-spindle machines have the same interfaces and data-based service options as the multi-spindle machines.

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