The right spare part available worldwide
and on time

When a component on your machine tool needs to be replaced, every minute counts.

| Exactly which spare part is needed?
| How quickly do you need the part?
| In terms of time, is an in-house repair enough?

Our life parts service is always at your side with our know-how and the spare parts available worldwide from our regional hubs. For us, only one thing counts: that you can quickly produce at full capacity again.


We help diagnose faults and clearly identify the spare parts required for your machining centers


| Fast and competent help
| SW assumes the selection risk for spare parts
| Direct information about availability and prices

Spare parts consulting
& active inventory management

Be prepared and work out the right spare parts strategy. We advise you individually on economical spare parts stocking and put together customized spare and wear parts packages for you.

In the case of complete systems and production lines from SW, we will be happy to agree with you on a demand-driven local stocking of spare parts to shorten response times even further.


| Increased machine availability through customized spare and wear parts packages on-site
| Sensible budget allocation
| Function-tested assemblies for short replacement times

Spare parts distribution

We have established professional logistics worldwide for the fast and on-time delivery of spare parts over the complete service life of your machine tool.


Fast replacement in case of defect |
New parts in SW quality |
SW warranty |
Right of return |
“One-stop-shopping”, everything from one source |

Exchange parts and
repair service

It doesn’t always have to be a brand-new spare part. In most cases, a professional repair makes more economic sense. We also offer professionally overhauled components from SW – these are profitable, functionally identical and with full SW warranty.


| Professional repair service
| Preparation of customer components in SW quality
| Ensuring parts availability even in the case of discontinued components or supply bottlenecks of new parts