Watch production: Timeless precision

Sophisticated watches are more than timepieces: they are luxury products, investment objects and heirlooms. The watch industry meets these expectations with the highest precision and perfect workmanship in every detail. SW CNC machining centers are suitable for micrometer precision machining of all materials: stainless steel, platinum, titanium, gold, glass or ceramics.

Watch case with the highest surface quality

CNC machining centers from SW have been producing the highest contour accuracy and surface quality for numerous watch manufacturers and other precision engineering companies for many years. World-renowned watch brands use our CNC machine tools to manufacture, for example, watch cases of the highest quality.

BA 222 / Watch Case Machining

Highest productivity through
short cycle times

SW is an established partner for watch production in the Black Forest, Switzerland and other countries. But we also cover other applications in precision engineering economically with our CNC machining centers. Our solutions efficiently machine workpieces made of a wide variety of materials to the highest precision. What they all have in common is that they are also always about efficiency and productivity, reproducibility and measurably shorter cycle times. This is exactly what SW’s manufacturing solutions stand for.

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