Customized manufacturing solutions

SW supports manufacturers and suppliers in numerous industries with customized manufacturing solutions for high-precision and economical series production. These solutions include custom CNC machines and automation for components such as engines, transmissions or axles, structural parts for electric cars, and implants for medical technology. As a leading global supplier of single and multi-spindle CNC machining centers, we think in systems. We sustainably increase the productivity of our customers with: Well-founded process knowledge, highly efficient machining centers, integrated automation solutions, self-sufficient production cells, highly automated production lines, innovative software solutions, and digital and physical services.


We are the Technology People

Our team consists of about 1,600 technology experts worldwide who function within flat hierarchies, positioned to ensure the success of our customers. We are experts in mechanical engineering, as well as all manufacturing processes, and are adept in interfaces to the IT world and the Internet of Things.

We accompany our customers throughout the entire life cycle of SW’s production solutions with physical and digital services.

Since 1995, we have increased our sales more than tenfold and are a global player with facilities in Germany, USA, and China. Through our subsidiaries in numerous countries, we are always close to our customers. Learn more about us – and how we can support you too.



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