Digital services for more productivity and availability

life data takes you into the digital age in a practical and production-oriented way – as comprehensively as you want it. You have sovereignty over your data and determine which software solutions best support you in achieving your goals. Our specialists will be happy to advise you and present the SW path to digital transformation.




Use manufacturing systems and software from a single source and rely on field-proven digital products for your manufacturing.

We accompany your digital journey with experienced specialists and show you your productivity potential.

Use and benefit from our network of machine manufacturers, manufacturing companies, and academia to accelerate your digital transformation.

SW life data


life data Core

The gateway to the Internet of Things: life data Core

The IoT Gateway – life data Core – is the core element for connecting your manufacturing systems to the Internet of Things (IoT) quickly and easily.

Our broker software offers you scaling options and standardized interfaces. Configurable data capture and transmission ensures that data goes only where it is needed.

SW CloudPlatform

SW CloudPlatform

See status information, availability, performance, and much more about your machine or automation. After more than 2,600 networked machines, we have already been able to gather extensive experience and optimize our solutions accordingly. By using our SW CloudPlatform, you can monitor the functionality of your machines and automation onlineand detect downtimes at an early stage. By evaluating historical and current data, our service team can also initiate maintenance in a more targeted manner and thus shorten downtimes.

We realize solutions for monitoring your machine and automation to make all relevant information on performance and condition available to you at a glance. You benefit through lower operating costs and higher efficiency of your plant.

SW ScadaPlatform

SW ScadaPlatform

With SW ScadaPlatform, you increase transparency through valid key figures and comprehensive, seamless workpiece traceability. This enables you to immediately identify causes of quality defects within workpiece production and initiate appropriate countermeasures. With the help of this effective and powerful monitoring, you have all the crucial information about your workpieces and your entire production system at a glance. Integrated in your own network, you can visualize all of the important KPIs quickly and easily.


Using SWMP API, we crease an efficient data flow from machine and automation data to local systems, e.g. ERP/MES. using SWMP API. This interface allows you to collect and visualize data from SW’s own machining centers in your existing systems. Individual configuration allows us to make the system as flexible as necessary for you.


Plant Simulation

Plant Simulation

If you wish, we can set up your automated line virtually in state-of-the-art simulation environments as early as the project planning phase and optimize your subsequent production process even before the first real machine is installed on your premises. This simulation helps you to continuously improve the manufacturing and any production change.

Digitization consulting

Digitization consulting

Expand your digitalization with SW. We support you in defining digital services and rolling them out in your production. In doing so, we jointly optimize your production and maintenance processes.



Together with other machine and plant manufacturers, we are building a growing EcoSystem in which we unite to generate added value from machine data.

In the case of a cooperation, you determine the direction and scope. From the pure provision of machine data of installed systems to own platform solutions to new business models. We are stronger together.


Data Analytics

Data Analytics

In close cooperation with specialists and research institutes, we develop new, production-specific algorithms that can independently process data and detect anomalies in it. This is how we help you stay at the forefront of digitalization and maximize your overall efficiency.

life Services

Comprehensive services

Connected from the beginning by a completely new kind of service.

With life Services, you are connected throughout the life of your machine to the engineers, technicians and service people who designed, tested and commissioned your equipment. The Technology People accompany you with the six building blocks over the entire life cycle of your machine – anytime, anywhere. ” life Services ” For the life of the machine.

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