Aiming high with safety

In the aerospace industry, safety is the highest priority. Every machining step must be documented, and every component must be traceable. This is exactly what SW’s CNC machining centers and automation solutions ensure. With our production solutions, you can manufacture interior components as well as structural components and housings or turbine blades with maximum precision and reproducibility, and all of this extremely economically.

Process all materials according to the application

On CNC machining centers from SW, you also machine 5-axis components made of aluminum and titanium, alloys and hybrid materials such as glass-fiber-reinforced aluminum (GLARE) and carbon as well as high-temperature-resistant nickel alloys or alloys for turbine blades. Special tools and feed movements and speeds of the drive spindle matched to the materials prevent microcracks and stresses in the components.

Structural components perfectly tensioned

The machining of large-format structural components and structural housings for aerospace applications is handled by SW CNC machining centers with large working areas of up to 3,000 mm in length. Clamping devices and automation solutions perfectly matched to the components keep even filigree geometries securely in shape.

Manufacturing with many variants

The single-spindle CNC machining centers shorten machining cycles with highly dynamic linear motors in all feed axes. This makes them the fastest machine tools on the market, an advantage that grows with component size. Thanks to the modularly expandable tool magazines for up to 280 tools, users can also cover a wide range of different components and machining operations in automatic mode.

More productive with a system

Customized automation solutions load and unload the CNC machining centers. The IoT gateway life data Core connects your machining centers and automation solutions quickly and easily to the Internet of Things (IoT). We are happy to implement solutions for real-time monitoring of all important states, processes and quality data for you. The advantage are lower operating costs and higher Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Transparency and traceability

With the SW ScadaPlatform, you can increase transparency through valid key figures and direct component traceability. With this effective and powerful control and monitoring software, you have all the crucial information about your entire production at a glance. With the ScadaPlatform, you can realize complete traceability of aerospace components and can immediately identify and eliminate the causes of part defects.