Maintain productivity and protect investments

Whether it’s a retrofit, maintenance, or overhaul, we optimally adapt your machining centers and automation solutions to new tasks and the current state-of-the-art productivity. We retrofit machine options, perform hardware and software updates, and extend the life of your production line with annual inspections and complete machine overhauls.

If a production changeover or machine relocation is pending, we take over the dismantling and assembly as well as the commissioning and adaptation to new tasks. This way, you maintain your high productivity and protect your investments.


What if your requirements change? We retrofit your machine tools with our options, our original parts, and an SW warranty. This allows you to economically expand the range of functions and increase performance as needed.

We bring your machining centers up to date with software updates. This will make your machine more efficient and increase its application possibilities.


| Extension of the functional scope & performance increase of the plant
| Use of original parts
| Functionality improvement
| Simplification of operability
| Increase in ease of maintenance

Maintenance / Inspections

We perform annual inspections for you, handle maintenance, and replace worn components before they lead to machine downtime.


Maximum availability and avoidance of consequential damage with plannable |
maintenance and operating costs

Reduction of unplanned machine downtime |
Traceable maintenance history |
Implementation of the legal requirements |

Overhaul / Retrofit

Give your machine tools a second life and protect your investment. We analyze the individual condition and replace worn components and assemblies. After the overhaul/retrofit, you will have a highly productive CNC machining center again with little effort.


| Restoration of the full performance and accuracy of the equipment
| Maintaining the value of the machine
| Use of original spare parts
| SW warranty

Machine relocation

We will gladly dismantle your SW machining center for you , relocate it to the place of your choice, and put it back into operation.


Professional dismantling, assembly, and installation |
Production reorganization according to customer requirements |
Provision of production-ready machine after relocation |
Geometric measurement and adjustment at the installation site |