PR-1 Basic CNC Programming of SW Machines


The objective of this training is to learn to handle the control of SW machines including basic CNC programming. After an introduction to the operation of the SW machine, the participants will learn how to handle the control of the machine and how to create simple CNC programs. The acquired knowledge will be deepened by practical exercises on a training machine.


After the successful completion of this course, the participant will be able to set up the SW machine for modified or new workpieces by:

| Modifying or creating a basic CNC program,
| Transferring the modified or newly created CNC program to the control of the SW machine,
| Ensuring the faultless functioning of the program through tests.

Target group

CNC programmers


| Technical qualification or comparable experience
Basic knowledge of CNC programming

Content overview

| Safety and accident prevention
| Basic operation of SW machine
| Basic CNC programming of SW machines

Content details

| Safety and accident prevention
| Basic design of SW machine:
  | Modules and components
  | Options
| Basic operation of SW machine
  | Control panels
  | HMI menu
  | SW menu
  | Special functions

| Program and file management, loading and unloading of programs
| Tool management and corrections, tool life
| Frame concept, coordinate system, continuous path control
| Contour programming
| Polar coordinate programming
| Siemens drilling and milling cycles
| Subprograms
| Program loops and jumps
| Calculation parameters and programming of variables
Zero offset
| Scale factors
| Rotations and mirroring
| Multiple spindle operation and round axes
| Flexible NC programming and neutral axis programming
| Zero point subprograms
| Basics of SW Home Cycle
| Basics of SW Drilling and Threading Cycles
| Entering a program after program interruption
| Assigning the programs to the tables
| Safety programs
| Hands-on exercises with simulation software and on a training machine

Course duration

5 days

Max. Number of participants






All machines

Available on request

Available on request