Integrated automation:
Plug & Play solution

Loading and unloading of pallets at an ergonomically optimal and constant height |
Drive via a low-wear ball screw drive |
Storage tower as freely programmable positioning axis |
High storage capacity with small footprint |

Example: There is room for 48 car compressor impellers in one pallet. This results in a storage capacity of 1152 raw or finished parts. With a cycle time of 1 min, this is a 9.6 h runtime. This corresponds to 64 m of feeder belt.

Why order and commission machine tools and automation separately? This usually only adds to the complexity of the process. As Technology People, we equip CNC machining centers of certain sizes with integrated automation to create self-sufficient production cells and supply them to you ready for connection as a plug & play solution.

The loading module with 6-axis robot and a vertical pallet storage for unfinished and finished parts offers immediate productivity advantages such as:

| Machining time in parallel with automatic loading and unloading over a whole shift
| Space-saving and manual workpiece loading with the ceiling mounting of the robot

We also integrate additional technologies for you, such as re-stacking, labeling, or scanning. To interlink with other modules and further automate the material flow, you can use our MobileRob driverless transport system.

BA W02 / Loading module with integrated automation

BA322i / Loading module with integrated automation