The driverless transport system for
innovative intralogistics

Freely programmable logistics processes |
Flexible connection / linking of process flows |
Robust design ensures long service life |
Easy to maintain |
Smooth and efficient navigation in dynamic environments |
High runtime |
High positioning accuracy |
Precisely fitting solutions for different workpiece weights |

The internal transport of workpieces from receipt of materials to the production line, between the lines, and to shipping is a challenge in the optimization of production processes.

Our sustainable automation solution is the MobileRob, which is the intelligent Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) for your smooth intralogistics. The MobileRob supplies the machine tools and systems with unmachined parts without a driver. It also transports the machined components away without a driver. Equipped with a lifting unit, it independently loads and unloads pallet storage.

What makes the MobileRob even more lovable is that it is extremely easy to care for and eager to learn. Without the installation of orientation aids in the production hall, it creates its own position map without programming, and orients itself independently. Whether individually or as an AGV fleet, the MobileRob automates your internal transport simply and efficiently.


Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) - Our solution for seamless intralogistics