Waldmössingen: 35 young men and women successfully completed their vocational training and dual study programs at Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH (SW) in 2022. The company is a leading global specialist for factory train machines and complete production lines. Customers use them to manufacture components and complete assemblies, for example for electric cars, mechanical engineering or medical technology. “During their training with us, we not only teach young people technical skills, but also our corporate values of humanity, the will to perform, courage and responsibility, and reliability,” emphasizes Stefan Weber, Managing Director of SW.

Among other things, SW trains industrial mechanics, mechatronics technicians, machining mechanics, electronics technicians, mathematical-technical software developers and industrial clerks. In addition, four DHBW students graduated in 2022 with bachelor’s degrees in business administration and computer science. Two graduates of Studium Plus achieved a double degree. It combines two years of vocational training as an industrial mechanic with subsequent specialized studies in the fields of mechanical engineering/mechatronics or international business engineering. The duration of training is reduced by two years to four and a half years for the double degree.

Dropout rate zero

“This year, five trainees were once again honored by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for their excellent grades,” explains Dirk Christen, Training Personnel Manager, proudly “This year, too, all the young men and women persevered to graduation.”
Even before the apprenticeship starts, SW introduces itself to the families at a parents’ evening. At a barbecue event, the future specialists can already make contact with each other and with trainees from the first year of training and exchange information about the upcoming start of training at SW. The Starter Workshop and other seminars accompanying the apprenticeship focus on promoting team spirit and independent work. In addition, this year’s trainees have been trained as energy scouts by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. They use their knowledge to identify and eliminate unnecessary energy consumption at SW.

Social commitment promoted

Beyond technical training, the company supports social commitment among its young employees. “On request, we release young people for several weeks so that they can provide practical help on a voluntary basis at Lebenshilfe, look after people with disabilities or build technical aids,” emphasizes Dirk Christen. The technology company also offers stays abroad. “This year, three apprentices were at our American plant for four weeks, passing through various departments and applying and deepening their knowledge from their training. Next year, we plan to enable four apprentices to take part in the exchange,” says Dirk Christen. The planned exchange with the SW plant in China will begin as soon as the COVID situation there eases.

SW has taken on 33 new apprentices and students this year. “Preparations are already underway for the 2023 training cohort,” says the training HR manager. “On March 25, 2023, we will give young men and women a first glimpse of our training concept at our Future Job Day in Waldmössingen.” SW also offers school and vacation internships, where schoolchildren can get a realistic impression of everyday operations and the prospects in high-tech mechanical engineering.