Gantry solution:
TopRob7 for
flexible linking

Modularly expandable at any time |
Free accessibility and safety without protective fences |
Multi-sided reach down |
Main time parallel maintenance |
Cleanliness in production through integrated oil pan concept |

Making all machining centers freely accessible

With the modularly expandable gantry solution and the 7-axis robots “TopRob7”, we optimally link your CNC machining centers and peripheral stations to form highly productive production lines. We arrange the TopRob7 on a gantry axis at a height of around 2 meters. Several robots can workindependently of each other on one gantry axis. TopRob7 loads and unloads the machines and systems process-oriented from above. You do not need protective fences, so you can save valuable space in production. Above all, your operators have a clear view of the work areas, and all machine tool components are freely accessible during maintenance work.

7 Degrees of freedom for component families

The flexibility of TopRob7 increases productivity in all situations. They change workpieces of all weights and sizes, as well as fixtures. This allows you to position even complex workpieces and component families precisely and quickly.

Uninterrupted process flow

If a machine tool in the line is being loaded manually and maintenance work is being performed on it, this will not affect the other machining centers in the line. They continue to operate in automatic mode without interruption. This maintains the process flow and the excellent overall effectiveness of the production line.

Flexibility in quantity changes

As quantities increase, you can also subsequently integrate additional machining centers and robots into the gantry axis.
When quantities decrease, simply remove one or more CNC machining centers from the line and use them for other production tasks.

Communication with higher-level systems

Industry 4.0 is standard with our robot gantry solution. The robots communicate directly with the machine controller and higher-level systems.

7-axis robot gantries from SW as an automation solution consist of standard components.