Our Mindset: Getting Better Every Day

Our customers place the highest demands on our quality and sustainability because they know and appreciate us as a premium manufacturer. This is proven by customer surveys and audits, and the results are an incentive for us. We are not satisfied until you are. Responsibility is also an important element in our mission statement for Technology People . In our understanding, responsibility is reflected in the highest quality and sustainability.

For this reason, we are regularly subjected to the judgment of independent auditors, whose certifications repeatedly confirm that our management systems in all plants and subsidiaries meet or exceed the standard specifications. As Technology People, we see quality and sustainability not as goals once achieved, but as a constant challenge to become even better every day. Regarding the highest quality as a mindset is a tradition at SW Many of our machines from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s are still in productive use with customers today.

Audited and certified:

Our quality management system

Our quality management system documents the attitude of the Technology People. Above all, we fill these rules and processes with life, as evidenced time and again by certifications and re-certifications according to ISO 9001 / VDA 6.4 by independent auditors – and by satisfied customers.

The responsibility of sustainability

We want to hand over a livable planet to our children and grandchildren. This is the challenge and responsibility of our generation and also of our industry. That is why we focus on sustainability in our machines and solutions and help you to improve your energy and resource efficiency economically in your day-to-day business. Four-spindle machining centers from SW, for example, consume only about half the energy of four single-spindle machines – and at a higher output.

We constantly review, evaluate and optimize the impact of our
operational processes and products on the environment. We live the comprehensive environmental management system according to ISO 14001 worldwide and with great responsibility.