Celebratory mood among the junior staff of Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH. playbizz team wins the state round and represents Baden-Württemberg in the national final.

The business simulation playbizz represents operational planning and decision-making processes in a simplified and model-like way. The SW team, consisting of three trainees and three students, had to master four business years of a medium-sized production company based on given framework conditions.

A given consumer good must be produced and marketed, competing with other suppliers both in the domestic market and for export. Based on a given initial situation and forecasts of future market developments, quantities (sales, production, purchasing) and capacities (sales, production) must be planned as optimally as possible and translated into concrete decisions. Aspects such as product quality, capacity utilization or the qualification of the company’s own employees should also be taken into account.

After the warm-up round with a total of 37 different groups from all over Baden-Württemberg, the SW team was able to prevail in the state round on May 7, with a large portion of knowledge paired with a pinch of courage and chutzpah against the teams of Max Weishaupt AG (national winner 2019 & 2020), Chiron Werke and the company TTS Tooltechnic Systeme and start as the state winner Baden-Württemberg at the end of June in the national round 2021.

The entire SW staff is keeping its fingers crossed!

During a small celebration round, the challenge cup was handed over and the winners were presented with a small gift in the form of 2 admission vouchers per participant for Europa-Park in Rust on behalf of the management.

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