Attendance classes at Waldmössingen elementary school possible again

Waldmössingen, 10.05.2021. For weeks, the Waldmössingen elementary school had only been allowed to offer an emergency group operation, and even that seemed to be in jeopardy on May 6 because there were no longer enough rapid tests for the children. On that day, supplies lasted just until May 12. This made it impossible to think of possible face-to-face teaching in alternating mode, which had become possible when incidence figures were falling, because all children in the school would then have to perform two rapid tests per week.

A mother did not want to put up with this and approached the school and the city administration several times, but they always referred to the state of Baden-Württemberg. Finally, she wrote an email to SW’s general contact address. She described the problem and asked for a small number of rapid tests. She sent the email at 12:16 p.m. on May 6. 54 minutes later, SW management decided, “We will provide 240 rapid tests immediately; our children are our future.” The next morning, the rapid tests were picked up and used directly at the Waldmössingen elementary school. This means that face-to-face classes can also start again from Wednesday 12 May.

“SW protects employees at all its plants and subsidiaries worldwide with sophisticated hygiene concepts, home offices and regular testing,” the management emphasizes. “Beyond that, of course, we also support the communities where we live and work to the extent we can.” It thus follows SW’s mission statement, which is anchored in humanity, the will to perform, courage and responsibility, and reliability.

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